Each and every single one of Us need to be involved in this change. Now is not the time to be ignorant, because you’ll simply be left behind.
Freedom IS A CHOICE to
DO NOT MIND what others THINK about what YOU ARE DOING. Do what You are doing with a good heart and You are set FREEE! K.S.
Believe in the dignity of every single individual. Mr. Barrack O
Could life be fair for once? Yes. Never forget that You are the CHANGE You want to see and experience. If You have no humility, but have respect for Yourself and the rest of the World, then You are free to do anything. Like They say:
“The IMAGE OF GOD experiencing life on Earth, in the form of consciousness in every single ONE of US. ” K.S.
“LOVE today is JEALOUSY.
JOY today is GREED.
If YOU, and I mean YOU reading this , faced such a decision today, where you had to choose to let go of life as You know it to reach Universal Peace or to keep supporting the miniscule devilish system to create even more HATRED??? K. S. 
Why see the World through someone elses’ painting if You have the FREEDOM to create YOUR OWN? K. S. 
Have You noticed that the SKY is changing its colour every single DAY? Life is a blessing that would not happen without NO AIR, NO WATER NOR SOIL, so don’t You take away OUR RIGHT by fighting your own stupid fight!!! We NOW got MIGHT!!!! POWER!!! PEOPLE’s POWER!!! DO NOT WANT NO PART OF IT, CZ I WANT TO BE FREE AND SLEEK. FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!! K. S. 


Learn, grow, evolve.

Peace, Love, Happiness. ❤


in Madrid


Giving up past Karma

” You talk and you talk, and feel like you have not said anything at all, it is because whoever was listening, was really not listening at all. “

Here’s a beautiful song to meditate to, while you should be reading this:

Karma:  The sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

Having observed, many of us carry a big load along with us on a daily basis..
No, do think again, I’m not talking about them bag ladies, that beautiful Miss Badu put into a song, and neither those other “physical matter” hoarders.. I am talking about the ones, who do not realise how they are being affected by other people, because of the bullshit that You are able to take on.. Just because you have passion for others problems, because you think you can help them, that does not mean that you need to take on their karma.

Karma is like food we carry around in our bodies before it is ready to leave us, before it manifests itself into our system. Visually, We cannot make out karma, but if We had to imagine it, like we do with many other things, like fears for example, then it is like this black mist that can take the form of you whenever you choose to, to repeat someone else’s mistakes or challenges by reusing the energy that sticks, not that flows, and it also grows bigger over time.
It is your own creation, because you are in charge of your own vehicle.

Now, if you are aware of such a phenomena, then you need to realise what is the next step to proceed is to free yourself from any negativity. Your energy fields are vast and therefore you also absorb, as well as affect. Don’t worry, where those energies come from in a first place, is a pure place, but if you should start polluting your fields with pulling shit around, then we should make a note of the fact that you are creating illusions and therefore strengthening the field of darkness and negativity.
Because you have no answers to solve those problems. Everything needs to be processed in moderation and everyone has their own process, only so can wisdom truly reach us. Most of the time you are not even aware of having them, because being subject to succeeding to more negative karma happens sub- consciously..

..It is after You!

That is why I am telling you this, to look at yourself from that angle consciously, if you have already not done so. Like with a Prayer, You need to realise the power of your own mind and words.. Write yourself a note or say it to yourself, where you bring forward all the possible bad karma that you may think of.. May it be something that you did or something that someone did to you, it is something that makes you feel at unease, “fearful” or “angry”.. make peace with yourself, learn what there is/was to learn, and let go.
We are not here to collect, so we do not need clutter physical matter, we are on a journey.. Makes sense that the less you carry the lighter you would feel.. as I mentioned about karma also being the food that we eat, this is where I am going to enlighten you that right now is a very special time to cleanse Our system, as the energy fields affect Us strongly, as the astrological positioning of the stars and entering into the New Solar system (*never happened BEFOOOORE, OMG! WHAT A SHOW!!! )
Why not to try out eating less dead matter, and instead choose to eat more fresh, living foods to help your body, mind and Soul to regenerate and yet again to proceed..

Goodness my people, We are wonderful.. free your mind from others, like already mentioned earlier, the bull shit, because what we don’t seem to realise if we do not learn on the way, that to help anyone else, first, you need to help yourself or otherwise you could get lost in the process. A few natural laws need to be applied to eradicate ignorance in and around us.
There is something inside of us, that in English we call Our nervous system. Whoa, that is something very important. Receptors sparking and on search constantly, if they need to do something constantly, then they are forming into distinguishable roads that you would accustom to being, and overusing your brain, or stressing constantly will cause them to burn out.. Take care of that light, because it is a very important part of you, that connects Us as a whole.
If you have taken your time to read this and feel in any way affected by it, then you need to meditate on these words and possibly apply them also.. I am writing this, because I feel like it is needed.. I had to.

Heaven or hell? Choice is Ours. It is not difficult to try!

Thank You for Your “time”.

Wake up brothers and sisters!!! 🙂


Salaam o alaikum
Peace and Love

in Madrid
14th of June, 2016

Where did Our journey start?

We waste ourselves for the power of money. Where did we go so wrong?
Imagine the supply of diamonds raised its value by some prick hiding the rest of them from the world, releasing a bunch of them annually, creating the illusion of shortage.
Such scarcity gave them a reason to inflate their prices, and apparently it is something that some wealthy people still invest in. Hmm.. and the mining still continues?? I guess if you have a diamond, all your worries shall disappear… I’m so sorry, but it seems so meaningless.

It´s the same with money.. Just because it rules the world by fear and suffering, does not make me scared of it. Neither should it make you. It has enslaved all that there is by now, even Our own minds. There is so much of it and it spreads fast!!!

Sometimes my Soul just wants to remind you guys to search for your real joy, and not to get too comfortable in the so called acceptable society. Is their truth yours? You need to live your life like anyone else, just to feel accepted? Never forget that We are our most alert state in Our “worst” situations and so they teach Us the most, so why have we become so dang avoidant of them?  We have not mastered to control our feelings. Well, there should be a day when that comes true also..

None of Us want to become trapped.. so instead of Your job, think YOU and that ALWAYS!! Money is just a tool. It’s actually not our tool. I didn´t come up with it, did You? For us it is a simple facilitator. Ease to forget..
Vast inntelligence is in all of us, just be open to its breeze and that shall be injected into us little by little by a much higher and loving Power..
Lose your fears by learning about them, because we will never stop growing.. Might as well grow wiser with freedom by us, judgement behind us, every single day.. because we do!
We are so special.

#Check out this little fella, who wants to do his job now. Adorable. Could we do his job for him? I also feel like it’s my job..
That warm, fuzzy, limitless feeling of love is not a feeling only, that we have become to believe. It is a place.. I do not know of yet if it´s Our destination or shall we expand further with the Almighty..  We are being called somewhere, but where? Do you have a clue?

Don’t you also feel like we have come to a point in Our reality, where you absorb way more information? Having studied on that notion, even though I already felt it, We are in a very different era right now, which takes tens and tens of thousands of years to take place.. and yet, we are here now.. I love how it is called the gate of Man in the next illustration, as I mentioned that We may be called to go somewhere.
God is assuring, that as many people as possible are with him for his next wonder? Could it be? I am his witness. His eyes, ears, nose.. to sense it all.. Like you my brothers and sisters, so am I a reflection of God. A lot to live up to??? Too bad!!! We have a lot of responsibility regarding Life and Nature.
MY RESPECT to all the believers, who have remained sane, because that is difficult. Yous seem the strongest of our kind in this given “time”.

A moment is extraordinary. Witness everything and wear it with you.
It is not that difficult to have a heart full of love!
We are learning all the time, why shall it not be something that could be our saviour also? Let’s demolish what the source does not understand, which are anger and fear. Easyyyyy. GOOD- BYE!
Are we expecting another “unexplainable” big bang or is it time to regenerate? After all, We are slowly killing Our mother Earth.
Open and receptive always.
Simply grateful to be here.
Love surrounds Us wherever We go, be open to these energies that come your way.. These are blessings in disguise. Even the invisible is extraordinary.. Imagine what the invisible looks like on a minuscule level. It´s the magnificence that keeps it all together. That tiny yet so powerful!
Guys, if I was to ask you who you are, could you answer it?
Peace and Love ❤

Kirsika Mühlberg
in Madrid
9th of June, 2016

Wannabe’s and the real Deals.

Having spoken to so many different people from all parts of the world, I have been blessed with a gift that for some reason people tend to open up to me, and we usually get into deeper topics than not just any other.

“Share your weaknesses. Share your hard moments. Share your real side. It’ll either scare away every fake person in your life or it will inspire them to finally let go of that mirage called “perfection,” which will open the doors to the most important relationships you’ll ever be a part of.”
― Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

I have come to a little annoyance with the fact that many people think that they need to please others, which usually expresses itself as people get stuck at one point or even unhappy. People are faking their real situations and lying to be honest, and that for no reason.

Why do you say that you are happy, when you really are not happy? Why do you buy an I-phone, if you really can not afford it? Why do you say that you are rich, when you are really poor? Why do you say you the top man, when really you´re just like any other…
There are so many other people out there that share the experiences of your own situation and they resonate with you, if you would only open up and talk to the close people around you, or even someone that you look up to, you will realise that we all share so many things in common and that most of us are not what we simply seem. Not just women to women or a man to a man. No, respect for us all, as the tough guy may turn out to be the sweetest being and the little angel to be the toughest. The true you is way more interesting and it would allow you to explore more what life indeed has to offer you.

“People wears a mask of lie so they look attractive , so be careful”
― Muhammad Saqib

Would you like to be lied to or deceived by the people that you meet and spend time with? I don’t think so.. This seems nothing really, but think about it if people lie about little things like that, what could be the bigger things that could be kept from us? To fix the big picture we have to work on the smaller parts of it first. Don’t you want to live in a tolerant and a caring surrounding, where you can be you and without having to hide or lie to anyone, as now it is apparent that you are not alone. So if something needs fixing, alone it is boring and it seems as if impossible, which is not true at all.. Find that someone in a friend or a stranger and share your journey with someone who cares.. don’t stop your evolution because of the social pressure to be someone who in reality you cannot become. Be the real you, embrace your flaws and learn from them.. Never give up perfecting yourself.

This is Your journey, nobody else’s!

Reach for Your best self and wear Your deepest scars with pride on your sleeves, because that is that magic potion what makes You really Beautiful. Don’t hide behind someone else’s insecurities.  There is something charming about realness, I guess it’s the confidence that surfaces from it.
Free yourself from the ones who feel the need to hide the true selves from you, and realise what a great feeling it is to be around people who are free and kind and open without any judgement from you to them nor them to you.

You, You need to Trust Yourself and Let Your Soul shine! Let it shine BRIGHT!


Peace and Love ❤

Kirsika Mühlberg
in Madrid,
27 of May 2016

Who is Jesus or who was Jesus? What was his message?

Jesus or Isa was not a God apparently for those who didn´t know it..
Jesus was a human being like any other, but he was a prophet and he was born to deliver the word of God to Humanity.. Believe it or not, but there are Spirits far greater than Us, that also exist among us..  that we feed through our consciousness and being.

The World is being filtrated from knowledge and beliefs that disappear along with it.. by being ignorant is one thing and that is Our right, no lie.. however, We can´t deny that Our existence is pretty freakum awesome.. isn’t it just perfect!? There is nothing wrong with it, hmm just the main system that we follow, that is messing up everything.. soon the World will start to rotate the other direction, if We won´t stop the destruction of the flow of life and harmony.. more more more of everything is trusted for the industries where they control the living matter for that paper that We´re all sweating over to survive and less less less of the natural is free for grabs that we need to evolve and flow as natural beings..

All I am saying is that don´t You think that where We are, and how Our Mother Earth functions and the Universe and the Galaxies and the Stars and the Soul or the Spirit within all of Us that lives through Us and Air and Fire, Water.. everything is living, moving all the time.. Little molecules working towards their goal to become something, grow and manifest.. How is it possible..? Behind that there must be something incredible or who knows maybe something so casual that we have just missed to notice because We were too busy surviving? I dunno, but to define God it is pretty tough for Human beings.. but something extraordinary is taking place in front of Our eyes, but we still don´t know what it is..
Some know though.. If God is real.. and he is definitely, but in what form? I strongly believe that all of  Us have the very same gracious God that the ruling elite want to destroy. It is us that we are divided, because of the capacity of ones brain, it is like one molecule taking over the whole being and making them work toward something that it believes in, but the catch is that the molecules are all fighting with each other without noticing that they are actually destroying the whole being.

That molecule is the Lucifer, Satan, Devil who wants to become People´s God and he is about to succeed.

Think, everything around us is miraculous, like You, like the trees, the sand, stones, mountains.. they have been here way longer than our molecules haha.. We are created of the same matters and as they have knowledge also, and that they are also living, we must know a lot of things.. hmm.. apparently we don´t use even 10% of Our brains´ capacity, because Einstein was apparently tested to having used only up to that %, nevermind the power of Our hearts, or who knows whatever else.. This is why, I believe that, whatever it is that We´re witnessing, deserves to be thanked every now and then maybe even a little help, since at the end of the day We are pretty freakum awesome.

Peace and Love 

Article by Kirsika Mühlberg
April 2016
Madrid, Spain

Money VS. The Golden Age. Has the battle begun?

I have come to a conclusion that We’re really stupid as humans. No, it’s not our fault that the leaders, who are actually people, exactly like you and me, have come to a conclusion and thought to have a better idea of managing our existence for their own good.. I don’t know, but I call them the Satan’s bloodline, because it suits them perfectly, as they are cold, mean and fearless. Let’s marry our family, so we can keep the wealth! Yuckkkkker. Is that your nature also? Their freedom is all thanks to their material wealth, that we have allowed them to have and secure over the past few centuries.. It´s a rather long agenda their following.. books and pacts and whatever else.
From a Spiritual point of view, I understand why there is so many of us. As more are being infected, there are also those who have remained pure and are living the truth.. rather than the lie that has been served to us that has divided us from one unit.. I truly believe that we are ONE. But its seems like a separation has taken place..
Confusion is nobody’s friend & Consciousness is a big deal.. Right now apparently we’re all still sleeping as a whole.. But I know even You can feel it.. We are slowly starting to open up our 3rd eye.. Their poison is not strong enough thankfully.

You my friend need to wake up also, it’s my advice to you not to enslave your children! Always search for more knowledge.. Is it really what life is about? Do You know what money allows people to do, what kind of sick ideas they get, because they got power… SEX IS NOT EVERYTHING!! I tell you something, I’m glad I realized money’s insignificance a long time ago, because it took a while to understand it all.. Yep, it’s not easy.
So, as money started off in a community, it gained power and land.. So one household could have had one type of exchange form and another a different one, which was used within their communities. The more the Lord had, the more people would come back for more, right? Once it had reached the peak, it became global, what we’re witnessing and that’s why its logical that 1% of the poplulation(SATAN’s freakum BABIES:D) own the 99% of the worlds economic wealth.
I am a Son of God.. Who is God!!!????
Wepeeeeee I have a chance to be successful!!! In that WORLD! NOT! 😀
I Love you Brother and Sisters! Use your Heart and it will make you see the world in a different light.. As mortals we are witnessing the most beautiful era in HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. WHO SAID THE WORLD IS ENDING? YES!!! The Satan babies are losing out and suffering will stop slowly..
Imagine the Golden Age has finally begun..
I thought 5 years a ago, when I was merchandising, that was early in the morning in the shop in Dundrum Shopping centre in Ireland, where I was working at the time, and this super pleasant lady came in to say hello to me with a very infectious and unconditional smile, and she handed me a leaflet, where it stated something about the Golden Age.. There was nobody else around, which allowed us to give one another more attention.. She was from the future, I think I am also.. haha.. I the felt warmth instantly, and even though I enjoyed her strangeness and joy at the same time, then and there I did not believe her truly yet.. Anyone could tell us whatever, that doesn’t mean that they are right.. We need to find out for ourselves to live a conscious life.. Ignorance is bliss until it turns its darkness on You!
5 years later things are rather different for me and I want to share it with you.. JOIN ME!!!Hey shoooot… shooot.. made You think?


Article by Kirsika Mühlberg
30.04/ 2016

in Madrid, Spain

Who is HU VA?

Yes, yes.

You do need to be asking yourself that, but let me tell you what I know…

HU VA, my boy Michael is a Nigerian born new school, neo’ soul influenced HIP-HOP artist, who has been living in Ireland since he was 8 years old.

From an early age he´s been exposed to the healing power of music. His mother and also his sister have been singing in a choir, and his older brother was following his dreams to become a musician. Growing up with so much music buzzing around him obviously had a strong influence on our little Michael, that thankfully soon took its impact, which he ever since adopted as his culture, when he realized his own God given gift to produce music &

HU VA´s music: “I like that feeling and it should be spread around. Like a good virus for once.”

that from then on, he has become inseparable from. I know many do it, but we all agree that some for the wrong reasons. No, no he´s got the genes, he was born to do it. That´s a commitment. Pact. We need role models who take things seriously and who live a conscious life. As HU VA is a terrible observer, you can only imagine his lyrics. #

HU VA is based in Dublin which allows him to be closely working with several of his homies, not just from Nigeria and Ireland, but from around the world as Dublin city is a great meeting place for the people. Their collaborations are the proof of that and they have been poppin. HIP-HOP scene in Ireland is growing, and so has HU VA in the last years! This man has been on the leash for way too long. The animal needs to be released and there has not been a better time for it than NOW. This boy is ripe with his sounds and they will not go unmissed nor unheard. You will hear him coming, that´s  exactly why you are reading this.


Doesn’t it just make a difference, when an artist has a true message to deliver and an effortless talent to go along with it & especially when he delivers it on a crystal platter & way better than by any other. HU VA is one of the blessed ones and he´s simply captivating.


As a child and until this day his brother, known by the artist name Tillaman, has been his greatest influence without a doubt, as there is nothing closer to him as a pact between him and his brother. Not just that, he is blessed with goods equally and in return he currently enjoys his fame and has a career as a rapper and a musician in Nigeria. The bone gripping beats and sounds of Africa! Check him out!

Another artist that HU says to have had an influence on his flow is the London based, show off, down to earth type of gangster rapper Giggs. That´s what he says himself, but to me he has that 2pac, good boy gone bad type of thing going on. #Don’t be mad at him! There is something special about his sound and appearance.

Ladies hold on tight, as his deep & tonal lyrics will melt your being because what you hear is special and different & his music makes you feel different. I like that feeling and it should be spread around. Like a good virus for once. Wait until you see him, you will fall in love with him, may he be on stage or may he be himself in person. HU is a curious being with a deep look in his eyes, he definitely seems to know more than meets the eye.. He DOES NOT just blab about what he has got, but rather like a true artist he´s sharing his knowledge and views, because sharing is caring. We are evolving, right?

As you can already make out HU VA is not of the normal kind, the everyday type of artist he is way deeper and way more than that, however through his music, what he really wants to deliver is simply his positivity and light that he has got inside of him. That light, that he has maintained throughout the hardships of his life…and I know we all have, but belive me when I say that his light shines way stronger, and that his has only gotten stronger, thanks which we can even turn the negative into positive as it has had a blissful impact on his Soul expression also, and therefore through his music he can resonate with the people around the world and also to heal them.

If Miss Erykah Badu herself was to hear this boy, she would flip! I´m telling you.. Even though his music represents something so peaceful, don’t be fooled, his music sounds mean and haunting just as his deadly, raspy african voice timbre. We all love a bit of rasp and wisdom, especially from such a heartbreaker as him.

HU VA is the full package and I would kindly recommend to look out for him, because he might just astonish You. He did that to me already, and yes to many others. I was blessed to see him perform right before moving to Spain, as me and a close friend of mine, Mr. BLACK PREZIDENT of Ireland organized a smashing AUGMENTAL UNDERGROUND, unite the grounds & connect event! HU stands out because he follows what he believes in with passion! See for yourself, don´t just take my word for it.

I hereby represent to you HU VA. Dropping his single #PRIZE MY SOUL this SUNDAY, 1st of MAY 2016!!




Article by Kirsika Mühlberg

in Madrid, Spain

What does Sex mean to You?

Everybody should know that Sex is sacred..

And there is a part of us that needs to be controlled or else it will take control of you. Our tree of life needs to be loved and caressed for by the one who would love us unconditionally. We’re not here for forever. Do it with Love and it will teach You wisdom or do it for pleasure and it will slowly make you miserable.

Having a connection with someone who fulfills and caresses your soul and being is a special gift that offers One trust, unity and understanding that a wise One would not turn down. Living a conscious life is a responsibility that we carry as humans, as we have become so destructive against anything that really matters in this life we’re living right now.. We’re building an environment and culture for the future generations.. Our children and grandchildren. Wars and the industrialization have had an immense impact on our today’s lifestyle and understanding of our reality.. The true meanings of simple words and the responsible and sensible behaviour we should have that makes us understand their importance through joy and clear-headedness. Don’t let yourself be brainwashed into a living economical factor to make their money rotatatatatate around the world, causing mindless suffering. God bless the angels who have suffered through forceful or unwanted sexual acts. Nobody deserves to suffer, this is not God’s hands.. Have a blessed heart and if one does not know the importance of their Own temple then teach them a little.. Respect Yourself and the Others. Respect Your Body, Your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Wealth. You, We, Us,- We’re friggin rich.
Not having money is not the problem, but not having a brain that thinks for you is one..

Isn’t it a blind fight against anything these days?  
What is the key element to this destruction?

Peace and Love ❤

by Kirsika Mühlberg